Hands up. I suck.

December 2014


OK! So first of all massive apology to everyone waiting for their tee shirts.

Since we lit the touch paper and launched Fundsurfer it has been one helluva ride but so unbelievably hectic!

Inbetween running Fundsurfer and making movies I've been trying to find the right manufacturer for Ozuki Tees after the first test run from original supplier was so bad!

I want the tees to be as amazing as possible but its also been way too long for everyone to wait so I have made a few compromises but finally have a sample which kicks ass and that I can be happy to put out.

I'll be sending you all packages in early Jan with a little extra something to make up for the wait and thank you all for your patience!

Have a great Christmas and New Year. I'll be in touch to get postal addresses. 


Crowdfunding project

Ozuki Tee's

A series of t-shirts that represent and explore my Japanese heritage and that are influenced by graffiti, tattoo and fine art.

Funding successful

£526 raised