20th Century Flicks calls on film lovers for funding support!

September 2014

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£2,420 pledged of £10,000 goal


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20th Century Flicks, a firm favourite for thousands of film fans across the city, is calling for support to help create the ultimate video shop - inviting pledges of money, expertise and equipment through a crowd-funding campaign launching this week. Supporters will be generously rewarded with a host of film related incentives including free rentals, artwork and limited edition t-shirts.


Knocked back by the banks, who were not interested in supplying the essential funding needed to realise the film shop’s expansion, 20th Century Films has turned to social and creative crowd-funding platform Fundsurfer.com to help launch a fundraising campaign for their iconic institution, which has called Bristol its home for over 30 years.


Housing the UK’s largest collection of films available to the public and aiming to become an important fixture to Bristol’s thriving film scene, 20th Century Flicks will be moving from Richmond Terrace in Clifton to The Christmas Steps.


The Fundsurfer.com campaign aims to raise £10,000. Funds will be used to support development plans including the creation of a large screening venue, a coffee house, online streaming service and film shop. There are also plans to add to its already expansive rental library of over 18,000 films. 


David Taylor, 20th Century Flicks, said: It’s important for Bristol that we stick around and we certainly don’t want to fade out like so many other indie record and video shops. Launching a crowd-funding campaign with Fundsurfer.com offers us a great platform for customers old and new to get involved in helping take this film business to the next level.


Movie habits are moving into online, but there’s an important role for places like 20th Century Flicks to expand and offer something bigger, better and importantly more sustainable for the future. We hope Bristol’s film loving population want to support what we’re doing.”


For anyone interested in getting involved by pledging money, log onto the Fundsurfer.com website - https://www.fundsurfer.com/project/20th-century-flicks-the-future Supporters can pledge anything from £1 and film-related rewards are on offer for pledges £5 and above.


If you are interested in pledging skills, expertise or equipment such as furniture or decorating materials, then please contact one of the team via email at info@20thcenturyflicks.co.uk.