Digital Bristol Week 2015

February 2015

Last week saw an exciting schedule of talks and workshops about digital media take place across Bristol.

"Building on Bristol’s reputation as a centre of excellence for digital media, the BBC Bristol partnership’s programme will help industry professionals understand the opportunities that digital brings."

Our co-founder Derek was on a panel called "Funding Opportunities", to answer questions about reward & donation crowdfunding.

Here are a few facts about reward & donation crowdfunding in the UK:

  • of the hundreds of organisations and people we're talked to, the number 1 problem is sustainable funding
  • crowdfunding is a buzzword and seen as a silver bullet, but does it actually work?
  • the split between all or nothing and keep it all crowdfunding in the UK is pretty even (at about 47:53)
  • £1.5million was pledged *per day* in the UK - that's nearly £1,000 every minute!

And here are a few tips to running a successful campaign:

  • learn online marketing skills like search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, and email marketing
  • keep posting about your project on social media
  • keep a blog to document your campaign
  • and finally, don't be shy about asking for money!