The ban on onshore wind in the UK has been lifted!

July 2024

This is really brilliant and has happened so quickly. The effective ban on onshore wind farms has been dropped by the Labour government meaning that we can now go for it in terms of funding onshore wind projects that are part of wider renewable energy projects and programmes. 

Fundsurfer offers a range of funding options to support projects of all sizes and shapes but we have a laser focus on funding renewable energy projects both in Europe and Emerging Markets, the UK has lagged behind for so long, with projects not being supported. With a new focus on this sector we can help community projects and businesses to raise the funding they need to get us all the energy future we so desperately want to see. 

Fundsurfer has been involved in green energy from the very first year we launched in 2014 and can help you structure the capital needed to make your project a success. 

Let's get to work!

Link to UK GOV Policy statement on onshore wind: