Funding Tips

June 2024

Funding tips for equity investment

Fundraising tip #1

Fundraising is a full-time job

Be prepared to dedicate yourself exclusively to fundraising for 2-6 months.

Delegate your other jobs to your co-founders so you can focus on closing the round.

Fundraising tip #2

Your goal is to do 100-200 investor meetings in 4-6 weeks

The more investors are talking to you (momentum), the more investors are saying yes (social proof), the more investors want to talk to you because other investors said yes (FOMO).

Fundraising tip #3

Build your network in advance

Before you start fundraising, make sure you have 20-30 founders in your network. You'll need them for intros.

Fundraising tip #4

Do not adjust your target amount/valuation for different investors

It will start off your relationship with investors with bad terms on a bad foot. If you oversubscribed, raise a second round with different terms.

Fundraising tip #5

Incorporate and prepare your SAFE before you start fundraising

It will allow you to send SAFEs right after the meeting if the investor wants to invest.

Fundraising tip #6

Get feedback on your deck as soon as possible

Pitch your advisors/friendly investors. 5-10 pitches should be enough to find basic mistakes in your deck.


Good luck!