Fundsurfer Offers Free Support and Access to Grants for Your Community Project

April 2023

Looking for funding for your community-led project?

Fundsurfer offers free resources, funding access, and support, including our latest service: Community Share Offers. With this new program, the crowd can invest in income-generating assets needed by your community.

We also have access to additional match funding and grants such as the new Community Ownership Fund, which can provide a grant of up to £250,000 towards the capital needed for your project. Additionally, we are a Reach Fund Access Point, meaning we can help organizations become investment-ready, including support towards launching and promoting a community share offer or crowdfunding campaign.

Our network of licensed Community Share Practitioners can assist you in drafting all the required documents to launch a community share offer. They can also help you secure The Community Shares Standard Mark, which recognizes community share offers that meet national standards of good practice and helps attract investors. Some CSPs can also help with applications to the community ownership fund and co-op community booster programme.

Since 2014, we've helped our direct clients raise over £29,602,685, and we have a broad network of private, public, and institutional investors. We also have partnerships with key stakeholders that can help with modular housing partners, renewable energy equipment and more.

Our fees for community shares include a one-time upfront fee of £2,500 to set up and launch a community share offer, plus 3% of total funds raised through the Fundsurfer platform.

If you're interested in starting or discussing a potential community share offer or crowdfunding project, please contact our team for a free consultation on how we can help secure funding. We're here to support you every step of the way!