Grants and Loans available for UK charities and social enterprises.

March 2024

Fundsurfer is an Access Point for the Reach Fund, which helps which helps not for profit charities, community benefit societies, and social enterprises to raise investment finance.

The Reach Fund programme offers grants of £5,000 to £15,000 to help these organisations prepare and provide important information that investors need before they can invest. 

Access Points are social investors approved by the Reach Fund who refer organisations they are working with to apply for grants. Applicants need a referral from an Access Point to be considered for a grant.  

Working as a Reach Fund access point helps Fundsurfer to keep offering innovative ways to support and supercharge organisations that are having such a big impact in their local communities through the use of grants, crowdfunding and community share offers. 

Since 2014 Fundsurfer has raised over £29m for clients over the past decade, working with 1000's of amazing clients, investors and partners. Community Share Offers in particular is a funding option we want to keep helping to drive forward, giving people the opportunity to invest in projects and organisations that that mean so much to their local community. 

To find out more contact us today at to arrange a free funding consultation.