How to crowdfund successfully - a guide 

December 2022


✏️ You should spend a minimum of 4-6 weeks getting ready before launching a live campaign. Taking the time to work on the project page copy, design and reward ideas is really important. Rushing a project to go live quickly is usually a failing strategy.

Campaign Duration

📅 30-45 days is typical for a small crowdfunding campaign under £20,000 but you can run longer campaigns if you are raising £100,000+

Define your funding goal

💰 How much do you actually need to raise?

Look at the amount you would like to raise in a perfect scenario, and then consider what you would actually need to start or fund your project/company. Set your target for an amount somewhere in-between. 

Offer your supporters unique products and experiences.

🎁 Offer at least 5-8 rewards, with a mix of digital and physical rewards, depending on what you are looking to raise funds for.

How big is your existing community?

🙋 You will need to have a network of potential supporters to be successful. Fundsurfer tip - Ideally, you should have at least 30-50% of your crowdfunding target lined up in advance, made up of your existing network of supporters.

Present your story with a clear explanation and meaning.

📚 Consider: Who is running this project? What are you looking to achieve? Why is this project important? When and how can people get involved and where are you based? Make the copy engaging and tell a story. Use images and video.

Build your media database of bloggers, journalists and supporters.

📻 Local radio and news channels can be really helpful for the potential success of community projects. Write and issue a press release. Pick up the phone and make things happen. Shoot for the moon with a few long shots. 

Get busy!

👏 Behind every successful crowdfund is a lot of hard work. Having a good team to work with is essential, as it can be very difficult if all the efforts to make a crowdfunding campaign happen fall on one person. There has to be a collective contribution and commitment from everyone involved.

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