How to use crowdfunding in lockdown

November 2020

Crowdfunding is often used to pay for one off projects, like a new product or service, but you can also use it to cover running costs.

You can use our crowdfunding app to help you and your business get through lockdown. 


Need some inspiration? Here’s what other people are raising money for:

  1. Cover your cash flow if your business has to close or is suffering a drop in income

  2. Keep your team in touch by paying for a Zoom or another online meeting service

  3. Cover your remote working costs

  4. Create and sell new products

  5. Create a website if you don’t already have one, and start moving to an online business model

  6. Get professionally produced video and content to share on social media

  7. Buy food and products to donate to vulnerable or self-isolating people

  8. Donate to charities helping homeless and vulnerable people

  9. Upgrade your skills by paying for online learning courses

  10. You can even start a completely new business


Got an idea for a crowdfund? Get started.

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