P2P loans to Europe - coming soon!

October 2015

Funding Circle, one of our P2P lending partners, has just announced that it will start offering non bank loans in Europe, making it "the first truly global marketplace lending platform".

They will be working in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands to start with. 

Funding Circle has provided access to capital to over 12,000 businesses in UK and the US over the past five years.

This is from their press release:

Funding Circle, the world’s leading online marketplace for business loans, today announced it has joined forces with Zencap, to create the first truly global marketplace lending platform. The deal sees Funding Circle expand into Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, alongside its existing operations in the UK and US.

The announcement follows Funding Circle’s successful growth over the last five years, helping 12,000 businesses access more than $1.5 billion of finance in the UK and US. The deal will combine Zencap’s established home-grown team with local knowledge and a strong track record across Europe, with Funding Circle’s proven experience and industry leading technology.

The market opportunity across continental Europe is larger than both the UK and US markets combined, with more than €1 trillion of outstanding loans for small businesses. As continental Europe’s leading marketplace for business loans, Zencap has experienced strong growth over the past 18 months with more than €35 million lent to approximately 520 businesses.