Pokemon Madness, VR, AR. AI + Fintech

July 2016

Pokemon Madness, VR, AR. AI + Fintech

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So that escalated quickly! Pokemon broke records across the board, from the stock market daily turnover record to taking over N.America's web traffic. People fell off cliffs, got car jacked and even hit level 30. What a time to be alive. 

Here are some made up stats from Anand Sanwal over at CB Insights. Hilarious these have been used by mainstream media but missing out the fact they are totally fabricated. 

  • Pokemon Go has helped people burn 3.74 billion calories
  • Pokemon Go has saved 78,343 small businesses from bankruptcy
  • Pokemon Go has resulted in 683 marriages
  • A lure in Pokemon Go is 6x as effective as a Google ad for small businesses


We are seeing a surge in the number of companies getting in touch about funding for the VR and AR space, we predict a lot more clients coming through as investment levels continue to grow towards VR becoming a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020. 

Good read to be found at Digi-Capital.com regarding Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality investment reaching $1.1 billion in the first 2 months of 2016. 

Looking forward to our meeting this week with LSBU and their Knowledge Exchange Institute to discuss potential to collaborate. Our dev team is currently working on a deep research project which will combine Fintech and AI in a really interesting way, focused on disrupting the traditional Venture Capital model. As always focused on making funding a company easier for everyone involved. 

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Oliver Mochizuki
CEO & co-founder Fundsurfer

Twitter: Fundsurfer