Research Project Looking for Tech Start Ups Who Have Raised Investment

November 2015

Great to see this call for companies who have raised money or looking for investment (see the full Tech Spark article). At Fundsurfer we are seeing a big increase in the number of businesses looking for funding - over 8000 were registered in Bristol in 2014 alone! Bristol is definitely getting a great reputation in the tech sector. 

To get involved with the survey click on the link at the bottom.

Wanted! Tech startups or SMEs who have raised money or are looking for investment

Please share your experiences if you have you recently raised money for your startup or SME, or if you are about to start a funding round

Have you recently raised money for your startup or SME? Or are you about to start a funding round?

The group that bought you the Silicon Gorge Investor Pitches are currently undertaking some research in the region to identify the amount of money that has been invested into the region’s tech businesses over the last three years, and also what these companies are currently looking for, to help plan investment activities and demonstrate the potential in the region to investors from further afield.

Nick Sturge, Director of Engine Shed and SETsquared, is one of the drivers behind the research. He says

“As one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing Tech Clusters we’re attracting an awful lot of interest from outside investment. It’s important to be able to demonstrate how far we’ve already come in terms of the companies that have been supported– and what the likely funding needs will be over the next 12- 24 months”

To add your views and experience to the survey, it can be found here: South West Investment Survey