Sourcing quality deal flow is going to be a major challenge for investors this year

January 2023

As the number of family offices and private equity funds continues to grow, deal origination and sourcing services have become increasingly important. With over 10,000 (some estimate up to 15,000) single and multi-family offices in existence today, the competition for capital deployment is fierce. Without an external deal team to support in-house efforts, it can be a major challenge for even the smallest family office or high net worth individual to keep up with the demand for deal flow.

For example, in Silicon Valley, exceptional early stage deals are often quickly snapped up by established venture capital firms and angel investors. This can leave family office managers and VC partners feeling left out of the loop, reading about deals in the trades that they had no access to.

Fundsurfer, a UK-based funding and investment company, is here to help. Our dedicated deal origination team focuses on sourcing pre-vetted investment opportunities from Series A-F rounds in tech, impact, renewables, media & entertainment, and digital. We work closely with our clients' existing in-house deal teams, providing access to off-market, well-run companies in defensible markets with strong margins, good growth, and management teams that want to stay the course.

Having a strong deal origination team can make all the difference in today's competitive market. Speed is often the deciding factor, as deals can be missed out on to existing players. While a nimble family office manager or private investment office may be able to close on a great Series A or B round within a 90-day window, larger institutional VCs or investment groups may need more time to reach a final term sheet or decision. That's where access to deals that haven't been shopped widely can come in handy.

Building a global network of introducers, brokers, partners, and scouts takes significant time and resources. By outsourcing some of this work to Fundsurfer, you can have a dedicated external origination team sifting through what's out there, freeing up your internal deal teams to focus on achieving strategic objectives in portfolio companies and building shareholder value.

If you're looking for a flexible deal sourcing partner, don't hesitate to contact me directly at to arrange a call and discuss your investment strategy and criteria.