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A laptop is essential now, I've helped set up the legal team for the Euston Tunnellers. I need to compile hours of footage & media for evidence.

A laptop is essential now. I've helped set up the legal team for the Euston Tunnellers as I am close to the tunnellers. I need to compile hours of footage & media, as evidence and to get the word out. This tunnel is built to last. 

 The laptop is needed for media, 'adminning' ten stop HS2 groups on FB and getting content and interviews out alongside compiling footage as evidence of HS2 brutality so we can potentially get a case against them in the UN. Today we are pushing to get an injunction on the unsafe eviction taking place in the Euston Tunnels. I myself have suffered at the hands of HS2 staff and the police who handcuffed me to a bulldozer for over an hour in 2018 for being wrongfully accused of trespass. My friends have dug the Euston tunnel and are currently occupying it today on day 11. 

I have been involved as an independent activist in trying to stop HS2 for five years and set up a family friendly camp in London which encouraged XR to join us after the April XR Rebellion in 2019. Since then I have helped grow our community in every way I can including touring festivals with a children's rights tent spreading the word of empowerment and using our Human Rights. I started Funk the Borders a group in which we help support refugee groups in 2015 and have been involved in many successful campaigns before doing a masters in Human Rights Law on top of a masters I already had in Media. I have never crowdfunded before but now the means to do this is essential to my work. 



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