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If there’s one creative industry associated with wealth, opulence and power it’s music. The world of music is constantly evolving and Artists rise and fall with the constant shifts in taste and popularity. With so many Artists vying to be number 1, finding the backing needed for your project can seem daunting, yet the open and individualistic nature of Crowdfunding is gradually emerging as a fair and popular method to start driving a lot of independent Artists forward, and it looks set to continue rising in strength.

Providing a platform for fans to both pledge support to the music and Artists they love whilst also being able to raise awareness of it with ease has allowed Crowdfunding for music to surge in popularity in recent years. Perhaps most famously, the Artist Amanda Palmer raised almost $1.2million for her original target of $100,000 to launch her new studio album Theatre is Evil! Not every project has to be that large in scale to succeed however, as Indie Boston Artist Ellis Paul achieved his own monumental success by raising over $100,000 for his 2011 album The Day After Everything Changed.

Here at Fundsurfer we believe strongly in allowing the Bob Dylans of future generations a platform to start achieving their dreams, with projects such as Providing music workshops for vulnerable 16-25 year olds and Kizzy Morrell presents… Bristol’s Regional Youth Music Awards 2014 already up and running!

If you want to bring music to the world, or help others do so through a variety of ideas, where better to display your inspiration for everyone to see and support than here at Fundsurfer – where Crowdfunding is made simple?

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