Rewards for Interrogating Catherine

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£1 – Basic Supporter

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For the basic pledge of £1, you will receive a mention in the end credits as a "cofunder."

£15 – Advanced Supporter

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For £15 you will receive crew and cast signed photographs and a listing in the end credits.

£50 – Active Supporter

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For a donation of £50, you will be allowed to visit the set during filming, meet the cast, etc., receive signed photos of the crew and cast, and be listed in the end credits.

£50 – "Being in it" Reward

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Fancy appearing in the film? For £50, you will be written in as a "walk-on" part. That may be a canteen worker, call centre typist or any of several non-speaking roles.

£25 – Pro Backer

For £25, you'll get all the same as the other supports, PLUS, a personalised video of us thanking you.

£150 – Associate Producer

For £150, you'll be rewarded with all of the other stuff for the lower rewards, PLUS you will be credited as "Associate Producer" in the credits.

£300 – Executive Producer

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For £300, you will receive all of the above rewards, plus be credited as one of the (Max 3) Executive producers of the film.