Interrogating Catherine

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A feature film on the surveillance, interrogation and torture of citizens by their governments. Starring Kate Marie Davies, Directed by Doug Stevens

In a state run "call centre,"  lies a beaurocratic network of interrogation and torture. These are not jackbooted thugs or men in dark suits with sunglasses and wires from their ears. They are you and I. They are workers. They clock in, they clock out and go home to their wives, their parties, their normal lives.


Catherine has been flagged. We do not discuss what she has done, or if she is even guilty of it. We know she's not a "serious threat." Those are kept in Red Folders, and Catherine is in a blue one....


This feature revolves around the "No-Touch" form of Interrogation and Torture. This is not made up. Almost EVERY GOVERNMENT in the world uses it. Ours does, yours does, "Theirs" do. They involve techniques such as:

1.    Isolation
2.    Sleep deprivation
3.    Sensory deprivation
4.    Stress positions
5.    Sensory bombardment
6.    Forced nudity
7.    Sexual humiliation
8.    Cultural humiliation
9.    Extreme cold
10.    Phobias
11.    Waterboarding
12.    Psychology
13.    Eloctro torture

From a technical standpoint, the production requires two sets / scenarions.

The "interrogation room" and booth. Most of the interrogation is based around this. Catherine is kept, tortured and interrogated by "The Interrogator" in this environment.

The "Call centre." Call it what you will. The environment is familiar to anyone who has been in a commercial building in the last 25 years. There is a team of "business casual" typing away at computers, referencing points, creating spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. Huddling round a coffee table for a "team meeting." Only they're not discussing statistics and annuities and commercial decisions. They're dicussing if someone should be "suicided" or electrocuted, or have their mind destroyed.

The film stars Kate Marie Davies as Catherine, Doug Stevens as the "Interrogator" and it discusses how easy it is for governments to get information on you. And then, it shows just what they do with it when they have that information.


We need £4000 to finish production of this movie. This will be used to hire sets and additional actors to play the supporting roles.

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