Rewards for Who will get the Bailout. The Banks or the People?

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£1 – In the loop! Our thanks for your support

You will receive our grateful thanks - along with that of the others who care about this. We will keep you in the loop as we have great plans to support people and businesses through the Corona crisis and beyond.

£10 – Shoutout and Thankyou!

We'll shout out our thanks on your social media of choice. (Please include your handle - or don't if you don't want the shout).

£20 – Pointy Stick (virtual)

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We will send you a virtual pointy-stick as a momento of poking the bear.

£50 – Hi-Res Digital Copy of the cartoon

Hi-Res Digital Copy of the cartoon

£100 – Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

£500 – Silver Sponsor

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£1,000 – Gold Sponsor

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