Who will get the Bailout. The Banks or the People?


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Bailout Time Again: Let's create a hilarious cartoon skewering the banks claims to be financial magicians or engineers rather than conjurors!

The banks are seeking to swallow the bailout for the second time 

The banks are seeking to swallow the bailout for the second time - to make the bailout intended for real businesses and the people 'disappear'. Just as they did last time. Just before they refused to do their job: Lending to real businesses. Which they have never done since. 

Leaving us with a decade of austerity!

I wrote the article on which this cartoon will be based at the point, now, when decisions are being made by government - who seem to want to do the right thing.

The banks are lobbying hard to push the devil into the detail so they get their hands on our bailout.

You can read the article on Crowdfund Insider here:


Please donate - at least £1 - to pay the illustrator his hire, and to express your support for the bailout this time coming not to the banks but to real people, real businesses and the real economy!

We really want to go beyond the target to £1500 or beyond so that we can also make a viral video and promote it, as well as more podcasts and articles.

About me

I'm a well known writer, campaigner for the public good, innovator & technologist - who is known for fearlessly speaking the truth to banks, governments and regulators, when necessary.

You can read more on my LinkedIn Profile here.

Rewards on offer

We will create and distribute the hilarious cartoon skewering the banks. If we are really very successful we will fix in the government and public mind the image of them as mere conjurors rather than the magicians or engineers they claim to be - and ensure the bailout goes to the real economy and real people - not the banks. How much we can do depends on you!

The team

My team, Kay and Jonathan - plus a host of other wellwishers and concerned citizens who have become known as the Ethecal family... more on this and our plans to help during and post covid soon.

We will commission Richard Smith - an excellent and well seasoned cartoonist 

Risks and challenges


Share your time and skills...

Promotion! Please help us promote this campaign and the cartoon afterwards.

Help this project with time and skills


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