Rewards for Help the Greens Surge in Cambridge!

Support this project and get these fantastic rewards!


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This will provide canvassing packs for a team of doorknockers. Feel great - you've just made a positive contribution to your community.


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This will pay for letters to voters in several streets. Receive a thank you handshake on the campaign trail from me for boosting the Green surge.


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This money will help us get more activists to Cambridge. Thank you - you've just helped promote Green values!


This will help us put leaflets through the door of an entire ward. You will get a personal thank you from me on my website.


Your pledge will help to fund a billboard campaign in some of our key areas. This is a massive boost for our campaign, and as a thank you, you will receive all of the above, plus a personal tweet and mention on my Facebook wall.


Your pledge will mean we can target the Green message to the buzzing online community. We can put together a comprehensive media campaign, which could sky rocket the Green surge in Cambridge! You, along with a guest, are invited to join Rupert and other key Green activists for the post-election dinner and drinks party in Cambridge where you'll receive a signed copy of The Post Growth Project.