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This project finished on Wednesday the 6th of May, 2015

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Only a few days left! Every donation will help our final push to elect a Green MP for Cambridge - Rupert Read.


My last Fundsurfer campaign, A Green MP for Cambridge, raised more than I or any the Cambridge Green Party campaign team expected - over £4,000! This gave me tremendous hope, and buoyed my feelings that Cambridge is ready and wants a Green MP.

After all, Cambridge reflects many of the Green aspects we campaign for - a strong belief in environmental issues, a commitment to alternative forms of transport, and a passion for local economy. I'm also aware that many of our policies would directly benefit Cambridge - a higher proportion of affordable homes in new developments, a transport transformation, a commitment to repealing the Health and Social Care Act of 2012, among many others (read the full Cambridge manifesto here) - so I am seeking to communicate the Green message of a fairer and better society to as many Cambridge citizens as possible.

What do we stand for in Cambridge?

  • A more equal society and a fair economy, where richer people pay their fair share of taxes and everyone gets a living wage
  • Decent homes: more social housing; fair rents a higher proportion of affordable homes in new developments
  • Better transport: making Cambridge the safest city for pedestrians and cyclists, and reducing congestion / pollution in the city centre
  • Free education: scrapping tuition fees, writing off student debts, and returning academies and free schools to local democratic control
  • Investment in apprenticeships and lasting green jobs: in renewable energy, local agriculture, public transport and caring professions
  • Supporting communities: residents and small businesses will have a stronger say in planning decisions
  • Renationalising rail – improving services and reducing fares, rather than increasing profits
  • Better parental leave, flexible working and more free childcare

How can we make this happen?


What next?

With your pledge we can bring our peaceful revolution to Cambridge, and if elected, I will fight to end the failed experiment of austerity and privatisation of public services. 


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This project ended on 6 May 2015

This is a take what you raise project. At the end of the funding period the project owner receives all of the pledged funds.

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This will provide canvassing packs for a team of doorknockers. Feel great - you've just made a positive contribution to your community.


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This will pay for letters to voters in several streets. Receive a thank you handshake on the campaign trail from me for boosting the Green surge.


2 people want this

This money will help us get more activists to Cambridge. Thank you - you've just helped promote Green values!


This will help us put leaflets through the door of an entire ward. You will get a personal thank you from me on my website.


Your pledge will help to fund a billboard campaign in some of our key areas. This is a massive boost for our campaign, and as a thank you, you will receive all of the above, plus a personal tweet and mention on my Facebook wall.


Your pledge will mean we can target the Green message to the buzzing online community. We can put together a comprehensive media campaign, which could sky rocket the Green surge in Cambridge! You, along with a guest, are invited to join Rupert and other key Green activists for the post-election dinner and drinks party in Cambridge where you'll receive a signed copy of The Post Growth Project.

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