Rewards for The Jura Time Machine

Support this project and get these fantastic rewards!

£10 – A thank you on the wind

4 people want this

We'll say your name into the next Westerly wind, instantly scattering our gratitude near and far. It's not quite a fortune cookie, but hopefully it will mean good karma to you...!

£25 – A thank you in the sand

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We will gratefully write your name in the beautiful sands at Corran, Jura, where it will stay until the next tide rises and smoothes it over again.

£50 – A thank you with a view

We will glorify your name in chalk (lightly!) on the trig point at Arfarnal hill in Jura, where it will stay until the next big rain washes it away

£200 – A thank you where humans scarcely tred

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We will find a spot in the hill, somewhere high in the heather and grass, and carefully mark out your initials in small stones, where they will lie until disturbed by the next passing deer or goat or explorer. It's sometimes said that nothing on the island disappears, so you could be up there for years...!

£500 – Our permanent gratitude

We don't know yet whether any of the measures that we're proposing will actually come to fruition, but if any do, one of them will include an acknowledgement of your generous support at this stage. This could mean you are listed on a website, or have a corner of the Craighouse tardis, with all our futureproof thanks.