Updates for The Jura Time Machine

Stalled in the pre-launch

Thank you very much for supporting the JDT's campaign to explore digital heritage opportunities for the Isle of Jura. 

Unfortunately, this method of raising funds for the consultation phase, which we knew entailed certain risks, has not realised sufficient ooomph for us to be able to take forward our plans. It means that on this occasion, your pledges will not be collected. Your generosity and willingness to come with us into the great unknown has meant a lot to us, however, so thanks again!

With Best Wishes,

Open for business...

Thank you very much for visiting this site. We've had a slightly slow start, but are optimistic! As an experiment, it's very interesting to see how this method of communicating and financing will pan out....

25th May

Thanks for visiting!

You are ahead of the curve - we open for investment on May 25th.

Hope to see you again then.

Best wishes, jdt