Rewards for 'Sound of a City' - a documentary about live music in Bristol

Support this project and get these fantastic rewards!

£5 – Updates, photos and more!

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You will be added to our exclusive mailing list and gain access to our updates, photos, inside info and favourite clips from our film footage - so you can share our journey from the comfort of your own chair!

£10 – Digital photo collection + the above

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You will receive a digital folder of our best photographs from the shoot. These will be a lovely insight into the day to day lives of the artists - the performances, the interviews, the rehearsals, the highs, the lows... everything really.

£20 – Soundtrack + all of the above

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All the tracks we are given permission to use as a digital download album. This will be the perfect accompaniment to the film and give you a real taster of what new and exciting up and coming bands are out there (plus some of the big names).

£25 – Soundtrack + original score bonus tracks + all of the above

Sound man and one half of the acclaimed band 'Grapefruit Moon' George will be composing some original tracks for the film. We will give you the album above but with these extra - completely exclusive (as in really no one else except you guys will own them) - bonus tracks.

£35 – Digital copy of the film + plus all of the above

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A digital HD copy of the entire film - and you will get it before the first official screening! Not even the artists would have seen it by then. Although don't tell them that.

£50 – Credit + all of the above

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You will be credited at the end of the film with a special thank you, there for all of Bristol and beyond to see what a huge contribution you have made to the production of this film.

£75 – Invitation to the premiere + all of the above

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Once this labour of love is finally completed we will be inviting everyone involved for the first official screening - and you can come too. Although its not yet organised (bit early!) you can be sure it will involve many of the artists, film makers and partners with a sprinkling of booze, music and a bit of a party.

£150 – Deluxe Package + digital rewards

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You will receive a Deluxe Package release, including a boxed DVD of the documentary, a CD of the included soundtrack and a select number of high quality prints, including band artwork, live photography and behind the scenes photos. You will also receive the first 5 rewards.

£250 – Be a sponsor and have your logo in the credits

Own a small business? This is the chance to get your logo shown to hundreds, thousands, or hopefully more people. We will put your logo in colour in the credits with a special thank you.

£500 – Angel sponsor

Your logo or name shall have a dedicated page alongside the Relevant Films logo. You will be mentioned as our official sponsor in all our marketing campaigns. You will also receive 3 tickets to the premiere plus posters for your office or room.

£500 – Anonymous Angel Sponsor

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If you are a kindly individual with a passion for music here is your chance to make a huge contribution to getting this film made to the best possible standard. You don't need any credit or rewards, just the knowledge you have helped us with our project. The world will smile on you!

£1,000 – Executive Producer

The highest credit and reward we can possibly offer. You will be named in the opening credits as the Executive Producer of 'Sound of a City'. As executive producer you will have creative input into the creation of this film and you will be welcome to join us on any of the shoots. Best of all, you will know that because of your generosity and support, this film got made.