Updates for 'Sound of a City' - a documentary about live music in Bristol


Hi all, 

After our preview a few weeks ago we will now get down to sending out the rewards you chose all those many months ago.

We are all very happy with the final product and we've had some great feedback. Thank you all once again for having the faith to pledge to a project that was only a germ of an idea at the time.

I'll send you all the link to view the film, plus whatever extra rewards you opted for. It would be great to hear what you think!

BBC 6 Music Festival

Hi all, 

If you're a 6 Music listener you may have heard they are holding their BBC Radio 6 Music festival in Bristol in February. 

After many talks with the council and the BBC and the Watershed they have asked us to screen the film as part of the Fringe. So, happily, we have the perfect exhibition opportunity for our music documentary. The subject fits in perfectly with the aim of the festival, which is to celebrate the rich musical heritage to have come out of the city. Got a bit lucky there!

We have also changed the name of the film to Re:sound.

New Clips

Hi all,

Just a short message to let you know that we've put a couple of new clips up on our Facebook page. One of drum and bass pioneer Roni Size and another of Chris Farrell, a local record shop owner who plays a big part in the current music scene. 

Follow the link here: https://www.facebook.com/soundofacityfilm/?fref=nf

The film is shaping up really nicely - we've been working on it a lot over November and the edit is beginning to take some shape. 

Will be in touch with further news. 

We've been busy

Hi all,

It's been a long time since we emailed - for that we can only apologise! It was a manic August but a productive one. We've been out shooting the city of Bristol from cars, bridges and pavements as well as interviewing some really interesting individuals. We had a great talk with Massive Attack's hugely amicable Neil Davidge, as well as record label owner Mike Darby and author Richard King (whose music knowledge was fairly humbling). 

We've got there

Hi all,

Great news! Sound of a City has officially reached it's target of £2000, which means we will receive the money from the crowdfunding campaign and we will be able to make the film. Phew! We obviously have to say a huge thank you to all of you who are directly responsible for this success. We are really happy that the project has already made a real impression on so many people. Filming will start in two weeks and we are sure, based on the people we have talked to so far, that the project will live up to expectations. 

We're almost there

A few weeks to go and a mere £415 off our target, but we won't reach it if people don't keep pledging, so now is the time to share it with friends, family, co-workers, jazz lovers, reggae lovers, music makers and the rest. 

Thanks again to everyone who has generously pledged. Rewards will come soon after the edit is complete. 

We're working on our next interview so watch this space for more updates. 

Have a great Wednesday. 


Week 4 - Andy Sheppard

Hi all, 

We are pleased to be able give you an extended clip of the great Andy Sheppard who we interviewed last Friday. We've selected 3 unedited answers he gave which we thought were particularly interesting in relation to the subject of the documentary. This is only 4 minutes of the full 50 minute interview we had with him, so there is plenty more to come in the full film coming later this year. 

Week 3 - This week's big interview

Hi all, 

While we haven't started filming full time, we're using our pre-production time while we raise funds as productively as possible. Before August we will be doing as many interviews as we can fit in before we start filming the day to day lives of our five chosen artists. 

We are very excited to say we will be interviewing the jazz superstar Andy Sheppard. Based in Bristol, Andy has made a huge impact on the jazz scene in our home city and we can't wait to meet him and see what he has to say.

The Inexplicables

Hi all,

We have put together an edit of the amazing The Inexplicables gig we filmed last week - and as pledgers it's the first of many extended clips we will be sending you over the summer. We think it's a nice way of getting to know some of the artists we discover as we explore this unique live music scene. 

The track we have chosen to edit is a cover of Tanya Stephens 'It's a Pity' - a perfect example of the reggae influences that we will be talking about in the documentary.