Rewards for A Green County Councillor for Cambridgeshire!

Support this project and get these fantastic rewards!

£10 – Supporter

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As a supporter you've helped pay towards putting leaflets through voters' letterboxes, letting them know there is an election, and to vote Green!

£20 – Activist

As an Activist, you're funding a poster board so that voters can let their neighbours know where they stand!

£50 – Campaigner

As a Campaigner, you are buying leaflets in eco-friendly colour ink to grab the voter's attention!

£75 – Veteran Campaigner

As a Veteran, your paying for the full colour mini-manifestos that explain our policies in detail to interested voters, and to boost social media posts.

£100 – Super Supporter

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As a Super Supporter you are helping us raise the target even faster. Like us, you know that the planet can't wait - we have to have a voice at local and national level.