A Green County Councillor for Cambridgeshire!


This project finished on Wednesday the 24th of June, 2015

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Contribute and share to help elect Debbie Aitchison as a Green Party Cambridgeshire County Councillor for Romsey

The unexpected by-election for the Romsey seat in the Cambridgeshire County Council has given us the opportunity to further capitalise on our success in the local elections in Cambridge. Despite the squeeze from Labour and the LibDems, the Greens massively increased their vote share and succeeded in getting a city councillor, Oscar Gillespie, elected. Now we have an excellent candidate in Debbie Aitchison and the real possibility of electing a county councillor to support Oscar and represent Romsey at a county level. 

The Green Party is the only major anti-austerity party in England, and only the Greens will stand against the horrific cuts the Tories have in store.

Debbie will stand to support local teachers and the Too Much Too Soon campaign against the increased assessment of primary school children. She will also concentrate on improving the transport infrastructure in Romsey and Cambridgeshire for cleaner air and improved road safety for all users.

Please contribute and share widely. It is the only election running right now and Green Party supporters can help to make a real difference to combat the local and national Tory policies. Winning this seat will help maintain the Cambridge Green Party's momentum as they seek to turn Cambridge Green.


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This project ended on 24 June 2015

This is a take what you raise project. At the end of the funding period the project owner receives all of the pledged funds.

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£10 – Supporter

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As a supporter you've helped pay towards putting leaflets through voters' letterboxes, letting them know there is an election, and to vote Green!

£20 – Activist

As an Activist, you're funding a poster board so that voters can let their neighbours know where they stand!

£50 – Campaigner

As a Campaigner, you are buying leaflets in eco-friendly colour ink to grab the voter's attention!

£75 – Veteran Campaigner

As a Veteran, your paying for the full colour mini-manifestos that explain our policies in detail to interested voters, and to boost social media posts.

£100 – Super Supporter

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As a Super Supporter you are helping us raise the target even faster. Like us, you know that the planet can't wait - we have to have a voice at local and national level.

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