Rewards for Be part of the St Pauls Afrikan Caribbean Carnival dance procession!

Support this project and get these fantastic rewards!

£2 – Website shout-out

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For £2 you will receive a thank you on our website.

£5 – Memories book

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You will receive a copy of our 'Memories book'.

£20 – Dance in our next procession

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For a minimum donation of just £20 you can help support the Carnival and will receive a free T-Shirt, a dance lesson to prepare and you will be able to take part in our next planned procession.

£500 – Inna We Yard Back drop by Inkie

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Take home an exclusive Inkie designed back drop 'Inna We Yard.'

£2,000 – Head line Float Sponsor

Sponsor the Carnival float and we will shout about you and use your banners!

£250 – Sponsor an artist

We value our local artists but each year as the costs to stage the event increase, it gets more challenging to pay artists fairly. Sponsoring an artists will support the local creative economy and will improve the quality of work produced at and for the Carnival.