Updates for Eco boat-glamping aboard historic sailing boat in Bristol Harbour

Eco boat-glamping idea blocked, project dead

Keen observers will have noticed that I gave this project a big push a few weeks ago and then it all went quiet.

As soon as it launched it quickly gained support and within days we had pledges totalling £1400. The campaign was doing what I wanted which was prove that there was demand for the product and support for my vision of how to achieve it. I emailed the Harbour Master to make him aware of the crowd funding campaign and that's when progress came to a hault.  

The first 24 hours

Thank you to the 5 eager beavers who have backed the project in the first 24 hours of the soft-launch! It's great to see that not all of them are friends in my immediate network but some complete strangers too! This crowd-funding is incredibly exciting. Each of the 5 notification emails that have buzzed-up on my phone in the last 24 hours has sent a rush of excitement through me, most times resuting in me doing a little dance. Just knowing that people are excited enough by my vision to pledge some of their hard-earned money is bolstering.