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It is really important that you read and understand these terms and conditions as they contain valuable information and legal facts which will govern our relationship with you. Our staff are more than happy to help with any further questions or queries you may have. Visit our contact us page  for more information.

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Our agreement with you

Our website has been designed to allow private individuals or businesses seeking funds to raise funds online. Therefore, if you are:

A private individual wanting to use our website to raise funds for, or pledge money to a project; or
Acting on behalf of a company wanting to use our website to raise funds for, or pledge money to a project on behalf of the company; and
In agreement to the terms of our privacy policy and security policy 
You are permitted to use our website on a temporary basis to raise funds or pledge money online.

Who are Fundsurfer?

Fundsurfer is a trading name of Fundsurfer Limited. Fundsurfer Limited is registered in England and Wales (Registration No. 08318097), with the registered address at: Fundsurfer, Newminster House, 27-29 Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1LT. See our about us page for more information. 

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that all information you enter onto Fundsurfer is true, accurate and complete and that you disclose all relevant and material facts.  If you do not provide accurate information and disclose all material facts this could lead to your project being invalid and pledges may not be paid. 

We cannot be held responsible if your project is invalid as a result of your error in providing correct information, or from a failure to disclose all material facts to us.

If our standards fall short

Our aim is at all times to provide a first class standard of service. However, there may be occasions when you feel we may have not achieved this. If we fall short of our own high standards then we want you to tell us! At Fundsurfer we take all complaints seriously and in such an event please follow this link to read our complaint procedure.

If your complaint is regarding a provider that you have purchased a product through and with whom we put you in touch, then you should address your complaint direct to that company. Fundsurfer cannot accept liability for errors made by the selected provider or answer complaints on their behalf. In such an event we recommend you follow the guidelines provided in their Complaints Procedure.

Third party links

You can link to other websites by means of hyperlinks published on this website or e-mailed to you as part of our service. These websites are owned and operated by third parties. We accept no liability for any statements, information, products or services that are published on or may be accessible through third party websites.

Amendments to our terms

We reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions at any time. The amended terms will be effective from the date they are posted on our website.

Website content

We have taken every reasonable step to make sure the information contained in this website is accurate and up-to-date. However, we can accept no liability for any errors or omissions. We reserve the right to add, amend or delete information from this site at any time. We reserve the right to remove or reject any project or funding application submitted to Fundsurfer for any reason or for no reason. We reserve the right to terminate any project at any time for any reason or for no reason.

Whilst we take every reasonable step to counteract viruses and other things with contaminating or destructive properties, we can give no warranty that this site and its content are free from viruses or anything else that has such contaminating or destructive properties.

Contacting us

If at any time you would like to contact us, the details are available on our contact us page.


The copyright in the material contained in this website belongs to Fundsurfer Limited. Any private individual may print off a copy of any part of this material for their own personal use, subject to the following conditions:

  • The material may not be used for any commercial purposes;
  • The copy must retain any copyright or other intellectual property notices contained in the original material;
  • The technology or processes utilised by or described in this website may be subject to other intellectual property rights reserved by Fundsurfer Limited (on which see the section headed "Intellectual Property Rights" below);
  • Images on this website are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or appropriated in any manner without the written permission of their respective owner(s);
  • No logos, trade marks or service marks appearing on the site may be printed off or copied, except as part of the text of which they form part.

Intellectual property rights

Any logos, trade marks, service marks and domain names and all related intellectual property rights, of the companies whose sites we search in providing the service, belong to those companies, and you may not reproduce them without their prior written consent. Except for them, all intellectual property rights including, without limitation, all logos, trade marks, service marks, domain names, database rights, rights in design, rights in know-how, patents and rights in inventions (in all cases whether registered or unregistered and including all rights to apply for registration) and all other intellectual or industrial property rights in any jurisdiction in any information, content, materials, data or processes contained in or underlying this website and/or the service we provide belong to Fundsurfer Limited. All rights of Fundsurfer Limited in such intellectual property rights are hereby reserved.

Commercial use

This website is for non-commercial use, meaning it is only for personal use or for use by a business to seek a product directly for that business only. Unauthorised commercial or bulk use may slow down the speed of the service we can provide for our customers. We will monitor the use of our services. If we detect commercial or bulk usage before we have sent the results of our search, we may abort the search. In any event, we reserve the right to take action against those using our service in an unauthorised way, to prevent disruption of our service to genuine customers, and to recover any losses we suffer.


The information provided does not constitute financial advice and is provided for illustrative purposes only. Interest rates and costs illustrated are informed by our knowledge of current financial markets. These may differ depending on individual business circumstances. Fundsurfer Ltd accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information now or in the future. The forms of funding illustrated may not be suitable for all business owners; therefore, you should always seek advice from a professional financial adviser Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it. Think carefully before securing commercial debts with a personal guarantee or your home. Certain types of commercial finance are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

The website and its content are not and should not be deemed to be an offer of or invitation to engage in any investment activity. The website should not be construed as advice or a personal recommendation by Fundsurfer.

Any person accessing the website and considering potential investment opportunities featured on the website should make their own commercial assessment of an investment opportunity after seeking the advice of an appropriately authorised or regulated financial advisor. Some types of investment eg. property, may not be readily realisable and may take time to sell in view of the nature of the investment. Do not invest unless you have carefully thought about whether you can afford to and whether it is right for you.

Neither Fundsurfer nor the products it offers are authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The products and service available do not therefore offer recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Whilst Fundsurfer aims to ensure the content of its website is accurate, the information presented on the website is received from the providers of the products and Fundsurfer does not, therefore, accept any responsibility or liability for any information (including the accuracy of such information) featured on the website.

2.1 This Website and all information provided on it: is solely intended for your private use, does not constitute investment advice on the merits or suitability of any investment product and no information contained within the Website should be construed as such, and should not be construed as legal, taxation or financial advice. 

2.2 It is your responsibility to be aware of the applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdiction from which you are accessing the Website and, if you choose to access the Website, you do so on your own initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local, national and international laws.

2.3 We make no representations that the information on this Website is appropriate or available for use in any countries other than the United Kingdom. Users who access this Website from any jurisdiction other than the United Kingdom do so on their own initiative and risk and no warranty or representation of any kind is made in relation to compliance of this Website or the information thereon with the laws of any such jurisdiction.

2.4 Please note that the value of investments and the income derived from them may fluctuate and you may not receive back the amount originally invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The information on the Website should not be relied upon in connection with any investment decision. If in doubt you should speak to your professional adviser. 

The information and material presented on this website (the “website") are provided to you for informational purposes only and are not to be used or considered as an offer or a solicitation to sell or an offer or solicitation to buy or subscribe for securities or other financial instruments or any advice or recommendation with respect to such securities or other financial instruments.


Neither Fundsurfer (UK) Limited (“Fundsurfer") nor any of its affiliates makes any representation or warranty or guarantee as to the completeness, accuracy, timeliness or suitability of any information contained within any part of the website nor that it is free from error. Fundsurfer does not accept any liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise howsoever and whether or not they have been negligent) for any loss or damage (including, without limitation, loss of profit), which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. Whilst the information provided has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, neither Fundsurfer nor any of its affiliates attest to its accuracy or completeness.


Fundsurfer reserves the right to change any source without restriction or notice. The values quoted for any particular investment are indicative only and are subject to change. 


Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance and no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made regarding future performance. Opinions and/or estimates reflect a judgment at the original date of publication by us and are subject to change without notice. The price of, value of and income from any of the securities or financial instruments can fall as well as rise. Foreign currency-denominated securities and financial instruments are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates that may have a positive or adverse effect on the value, price or income of such securities or financial instruments. Investors in securities, the values of which are influenced by currency volatility, effectively assume this risk.


Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The content of this website has not been approved as a financial promotion by an authorised person within the meaning of section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Reliance on this website for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested. An individual who is in any doubt about the investment to which the information in this website should consult an authorised person specialising in advising on investments of the kind in question.