Olympic Mascots and More

October 2016



Thanks again for your amazing support. This past week we made the drawing of Vinicius, the official Mascot of the olympics of Rio 2016. We did it through a Live video last friday in facebook. Congrats to the winner: Ilse Boneo!

So far we are close to $5000 dollars. Our goal starts to seem distant, specially since we are a little bit past the first half of our campaigns time. But we are confident that it is still totally achievable. That is why we won´t slow down a bit with our work, with only two weeks ahead of us. 

Now we have a new raffle of an even cooler perk, it will be: Tom, the official mascot of the paralympics. (Blue dude with crazy green hair / our team´s favorite). Tell your friends and everyone you know about it. Every new backer will participate. 

Thanks again wonderful people! Together we make this film. 

Jorge Porras




Crowdfunding project

El Gran Salto (The Jump)

Four brothers, one family and their pursuit of Olympic glory.

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