We have sneaked past £20k - thank you

December 2016


~~Over the weekend we have sneaked past the £20k benchmark and we are delighted to tell you we are approaching £22,000. Thank you Bristol and the wider community, your generosity and compassion is going to directly help people off the streets and into somewhere warm and safe.

Once we reach £25,500 we will have enough to cover the average cost of the whole Bristol night shelter programme for three weeks. That’s all down to your amazing support.

If you have viewed our film, Shelter off the Streets , you will have heard Ed Reed from Caring in Bristol talk about homelessness. He said: “Despite all of the hard work we are doing it’s still not enough. We need to try and do more. It’s too big for one person to deal with but it’s not too big for everyone in Bristol to deal with.”

Your donation helps to make a direct change. A night shelter is the beginning of longer term support from frontline staff and volunteers who really help people make a life away from the streets.

Please continue to share our films and the information about the #SOSBristol campaign. This is a really exciting and pioneering campaign as it is rare for four charities to pull together for one cause.

Thank you for your support.


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