Safer off the Streets - Help Bristol's homeless night shelters

Help us fundraise for Bristol's 70 emergency bed spaces for homeless people

Contactless Donation Points - Update

New contactless donation points to fund the SOS Bristol night shelters for people sleeping rough have now launched in Broadmead; marking a new and innovative approach to supporting homeless people in Bristol. Shoppers will now be able to ‘touch’ their bank card to give £2 instantly to the SOS Bristol campaign.

No data will be stored in the units or by any of the charities. The donation will appear on your bank statement as St Mungo's but will be allocated across the partner charities in line with the campaign information below. Processing fees incured on your £2 donation are between 1-3% depending on your payment card/method. For donation assistance please contact

The Rough Sleeping Crisis

Over the last five years of people sleeping rough in Bristol on any one night was less than 20. In November 2015 this number had reached a shocking 97 people.

The Rough Sleeping Partnership

Bristol Rough Sleeping Partnership (RSP) was set up by Bristol City Council in November 2015 to tackle the problem of street homelessness in the city.

St Mungo’s, The Julian Trust, Caring in Bristol and Crisis Centre Ministries are members of the RSP and work together to run the city’s night shelters.

The wider partnership also includes Avon & Somerset Police and the Golden Key Programme. Night shelters are a key area of the partnership’s work which also includes Bristol Street Aware for local businesses and developing a ‘One City’ approach to tackling homelessness and rough sleeping.

Safer off the Streets

In 2015 there were 30 emergency night shelter beds across the charities but these were not enough and rough sleepers were being turned away at the door. Something needed to be done. In 2015 the RSP was established and through this vital partnership, we have been able to respond quickly to the increasing need for emergency shelter across Bristol.

In January 2016, we were able to open two new night shelters run by the charity St Mungo’s. This has provided 40 extra shelter beds, bringing the total across our four night shelters to 70.

Bristol City Council currently funds 1,100 beds in hostels and supported accommodation which helps people when they have moved away from the streets, but sadly around 97 people continue to sleep rough each night.

We know that night shelters aren’t the only solution to this crisis. The RSP have pledged to work together to provide further emergency as well as longer term responses to tackle the rise in rough sleeping in the area.

Please give what you can today, get a little reward, and help keep Bristol night shelters running. Thank you.

How you can help

We are asking our local community to get behind our Safer off the Streets campaign and help to bring someone out of the cold.

We hope you will join other people in your community and help to raise the £100,000 we need to help keep our night shelters running. We can’t do it without you.

If just a third of adults in Bristol donated £1 we would reach our £100,000 target.

Please donate to Bristol's night shelters, get a little reward, and help people be safer off the streets. Thank you.

Please help us to spread the word and share this campaign, so that more people know how to help homeless people in Bristol. Thank you.

Campaign info

Net proceeds of this campaign, will be distributed to the charity partners as follows; St Mungo’s 46%, Julian Trust 18%, Caring in Bristol 18% and Crisis Centre Ministries 18%. The Gift Aid claim made by lead charity St Mungo's will also be split based on this allocation.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to Aspect Film and Video for the creation of our wonderful campaign videos. - Thank you

Charity details

St Mungo’s: Registered charity no. 1149085

T: 0117 954 2958 |  E:  


Julian Trust: Registered charity no. 294751

T: 0117 924 4604 |  E:




Crisis Centre Ministries: Registered charity no. 298528

T: 0117 330 1230 |  E:



Caring in Bristol

Registered charity no. 1151645

T: 0117 9244 444 | E: | W:

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• Donate funds here • Make a contactless card donation in the city centre • Share this campaign with all your contacts • Hold a fundraising event for the Safer off the Streets campaign • Volunteer at a night shelter - via charity info provided

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Get these rewards

£5 – For the price of bus ticket you could help cover some of the laundry costs at the Bristol night shelters, helping us maintain a clean and comfortable environment for those we are working with

37 people want this

Get this reward

Get this reward

£5 minimum. 4963 available

£10 – For the price of an office Secret Santa you could help ensure that people staying at the Caring at Christmas service get to enjoy the festive period with warmth, companionship, games and supportive chats

65 people want this

Get this reward

Get this reward

£10 minimum. 4935 available

£17 – A bed for the night – your daily lattes add up. For a weeks’ worth of coffee you could provide vital accommodation for someone to come off the streets for one night

158 people want this

Get this reward

Get this reward

£17 minimum. 4842 available

£25 – For the price of a take away you could pay for some of the expenses for many of our essential volunteers, who give up their time each night to support and care for people keeping them safer off the streets

37 people want this

Get this reward

Get this reward

£25 minimum. 2963 available

£34 – For the price of a meal out you could pay for the costs per bed for someone to stay at a night shelter for the weekend where they can be cared for in company and safety

68 people want this

Get this reward

Get this reward

£34 minimum. 1932 available

£102 – You could pay for the costs for 6 beds at the shelter for one night which includes costs towards the central heating, ensuring that we are providing a warm, safe alternative to sleeping on the streets of Bristol

39 people want this

Get this reward

Get this reward

£102 minimum. 961 available

£306 – You could fund the costs for one whole night shelter, for one night this winter. That would be funding 18 average bed spaces, directly helping keep vulnerable people safer off the streets in a warm and supportive space

8 people want this

Get this reward

Get this reward

£306 minimum. 492 available

£1,200 – You could pay for the cost of the whole Bristol night shelter programme for one night! You could help keep 70 people safer off the street while we provide more than just a roof over their heads

2 people want this

Get this reward

Get this reward

£1,200 minimum. 8 available

£8,300 – You could pay for the costs of the whole Bristol night shelter programme for one week. You could help ensure that hundreds of people have a safer alternative to sleeping rough whilst we work on more secure and permanent housing options with them.

Get this reward

Get this reward

£8,300 minimum. 10 available

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