April 2017


Hi all, just a little update and a big THANK YOU! We have just completed our first week of crowdfunding yesterday!! Thanks to your amazing (and overwhelming!) support we have raised an impressive £870!! This is actually 58% of our final target amount of £1500, so we are super chuffed!!

You've all been fantastic supporters, please continue to tell your networks amount the crowdfunding project; we really want to be able to provide this education for the furture of our young people. We have been in talks with Acton High School and they are excited about receiving a FREE workshop! 

Next week we will be doing a LIVE crowdfunding event at the Business Launchpad Awards, exciting stuff! Will update about this event and on how we are getting on as the time goes!

Thanks again, 

Helena & Daniel



Crowdfunding project

Prevent Drug and Alcohol Use in 5 Schools Through Performing Arts Workshops

Our project provides 5 schools in Ealing a space for young people to learn about the issues that drug and alcohol use presents using performance arts

Funding successful

£1,525 raised