Prevent Drug and Alcohol Use in 5 Schools Through Performing Arts Workshops


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Our project provides 5 schools in Ealing a space for young people to learn about the issues that drug and alcohol use presents using performance arts

We are working with Ealing Council to select FIVE schools to partake in our interactive, engaging and unique performance arts based workshops.


We provide a space for young people to share, discuss and learn about the many issues that drug and alcohol use presents using performance arts techniques.

We use drama techniques, such as improvisation, hot-seating, story-telling, image theatre, thought tracking, embodiment and empathy exercises relating to different scenarios and role-play and many more.

Using performance arts techniques are an effective and proven method as:

  • The use of any physical activity, including performance arts raises a person’s endorphin levels, which makes them feel good.
  • It is an effective tool because it allows young people to discuss sensitive or difficult subjects through movement or different characterisations.
  • Studies show that using performance arts helps the brain to develop, which in turn will enable young people to make better, more informed decisions.
  • It makes our workshops are more fun, engaging, and the material is more than just a conversation- so it will stick in their mind.
  • It helps people to express themselves and illustrate possible hidden emotions.

With your help we can change the statistics above and we want to start in our local area of Ealing.
The message isn’t just about prohibition; it’s about opening up the conversation. Each workshop is two hours and as well as offering substance misuse awareness that keeps abreast of current trends, our motivation is helping young people who have been affected by substance use or misuse to express themselves through the medium of performance arts. The result of which helps to develop structure and stability for those who face social exclusion and to improve their general wellbeing. The workshops include a mixture of discussion, multimedia activities and creative performance arts elements, which are fun, engaging and help young people express themselves about this topic and will allow them to make better informed choices. 


Helena is a trained addiction counsellor with experience gained across treatment environments such as rehabilitation centres, NHS addiction services and after­care and reintegration services. Having worked in treatments services for so long, a passion for working in prevention education grew. This led to a fellowship course with The School of Social Entrepreneurs. 

Daniel’s education has largely been based around performing arts, cumulating in studying at London's most prestigious colleges for performing arts; 'Bird College' and the ‘Brit School’. Presently working with young people in gymnastics, sport and dance, Daniel is able to be proactive in providing structure and discipline through coaching and teaching in a creative and energetic environment. 

We are committed to reducing the number of adults entering drug and alcohol treatment programmes through a lack of education and care, as we believe education is the key to prevention. We hope to achieve this by making our workshops more accessible to many schools and youth projects so that the correct, and current drug and alcohol education can be taught to our young people, but in an interactive way. Working with adults currently in drug and alcohol treatment programmes, as well as communicating with teachers in schools, they agreed that having a programme like Papilio Arts would have been of great benefit to their lives at that key age (12-18), as this is when most people who face addiction issues initiate their drug use.


A pilot of the programme in a south Acton youth club, Bollo Brook Youth Club, confirmed that a space for young people to openly discuss alcohol and drug related issues and trends was greatly beneficial. Reflecting on the pilot of programme, the Centre Manager claimed, “The programme managed to engage our young people in debates that really reflected what was going on in their lives, including those who do not usually participate in activities. Well done!”

Anna, secondary school Teacher, comments on how she believes Papilio Arts can make a big difference to the education of young people. Click the short video below to hear her views!

Pauline, Social Worker, also tells of her experiences working with vulnerable people, and the impact that a programme like Papilio Arts can have. Click the short video below to hear her views!



TOGETHER we can make a difference to the lives of the young people we meet. We have a great opportunity to provide accurate, engaging and fun substance education to many students in Ealing, but we can't do it without you. Help us inform our young people about the dangers and risks associated with drug and alcohol use in a creative way by supporting our crowdfunding campaign and sharing it with your friends, colleagues and families.

Many thanks,

Helena & Daniel,
Papilio Arts






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