Two Weeks Gone, Three to go!!

April 2017


Hi all!

So we are two weeks into our crowdfunding today and we've raised £1,020! We are super pleased, and are gearing ourselves up for the final three weeks of the campaign. Thank you for all your help, please continue to share about our project so we can reach more people and achieve our target of £1,500. 

We're really keen to be able to deliver these workshops and provide fun, creative and comprehensive education around drugs and alcohol use for the furture of our young people. We have been communicating with more schools in Ealing following their return from the Easter break and they are excited about the project too!

Our crowdfunding has been featured in an article by Inventshift, who are a social enterprise service marketplace for the events business. Also The Tooting Daily Prss wrote a piece about our crowdfunding in association with Business Launchpad. We're really pleased that the crowdfunding is reaching a wider audience so others can see what our project is about. Tomorrow night we are going to be LIVE crowdfunding!! Scary but exciting! This is going to take place at the Business Launchpad Awards at the RBS building. We expect the Awards will be a lively and busy affair, and will update you following the event to let you know how we got on!

Thanks again, 

Helena & Daniel



Crowdfunding project

Prevent Drug and Alcohol Use in 5 Schools Through Performing Arts Workshops

Our project provides 5 schools in Ealing a space for young people to learn about the issues that drug and alcohol use presents using performance arts

Funding successful

£1,525 raised