Keep On Sharing

April 2017


Happy Friday everyone!

Last night's pitch at the Business Launchpad Awards 2017 went well - poetry is what we do after all - and some good contacts were made.  

However, converting our pitch into pledges is continuing to prove difficult.  Hopefully that will change with 19 days left to reach our target, so please keep sharing the campaign with as many people as you can and let them know why you pledged to our campaign.

As a reminder of why we do what we do, have a watch of some of the performances from the Love & Hate edition of Poetic Insight.  Hope you enjoy.

Crowdfunding project

Empower Youth Voices

Young People Insight is a youth-led platform in Croydon that empowers the voices of youth through the arts, writing and events.

Funding successful

£2,199 raised