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Young People Insight is a youth-led platform in Croydon that empowers the voices of youth through the arts, writing and events.

What do we do?

Young People Insight allows young people, mainly aged 16-25, to voice their thoughts, opinions, and share their stories and experiences.  This is done through youth forums, poetry nights and the Young People Insight blog.

Why do we do it?

As a young person, I often feel that my voice matters less or that my opinions are obsolete, having decisions made for me by elder individuals that will affect my future or feeling belittled by those around me who continue to treat me like a child.  Brexit, cuts to youth and arts funding, hikes in university fees.  It is as though our young voices do not matter. 

I am saddened by young people regularly telling me that they do not feel their voices are heard or that what they say does not matter.  I see their desire to have a say in what takes place in their society decreases, as it seems they feel they have less and less control over their lives. 

Why is it needed?

At a time when youth services are being cut and policies do not seem to be having the desired effect, a platform like Young People Insight is essential.  It not only aims to work directly within the community and give young people in Croydon something to do with their time, but it is youth led.  Young people working with young people may be what is needed to make a difference.

We focus on dialogue, which is necessary as communication continues to break down amongst young people and society.  The increase in knife and gun crime shows the need for dialogue and spaces where young people can respectfully come together in a relaxed surrounding.

We also use creativity as a way of expression and making our voices heard, which is both impactful and therapeutic, while creating a sense of togetherness.  Art brings people together and is able to cause change, so at a time when arts funding is being cut, we are providing a space for young people to express themselves through creative means.

Why do we need your support?

In order to reach a larger number of young people and make a greater difference, Young People Insight needs to continue to grow and evolve.  Over the course of the year, we want to:

  • Hold more creative events. 
  • Further develop our YouTube channel. 
  • Host workshops run by organisations and professionals to educate young people and develop their skills.
  • Carry out forums and workshops in schools, colleges and other organisations.

Over time, individuals involved with Young People Insight should feel that their voices matter in wider society, hopefully encouraging more young individuals to engage with not only their community, but wider society in activities such as volunteer work, arts, and voting.  They should feel encouraged to be the change they want to see.

What do some of the young people say?


Our Founder's Story

Like so many other young people, I haven’t got it all together and I am struggling with a lot of the same issues they are.  I “dropped” out of university, after being physically, mentally and emotionally drained by what should have been my dream course.  I wrestled with self-harm for a number of years, but only discovered it was a mental health problem when I wrote about it for the Young People Insight blog.

I struggled with unemployment and feared the unknown, which is when I was inspired to start Young People Insight and bring young people together.  I also continue to battle with with low self-esteem and confidence.  However, I have had the courage to build this platform and make my voice heard – I simply want other young people to feel the same way and believe that they can too.

By supporting our campaign, you will be showing young people that you care about what we have to say and the part that we play in our community and society.  We look forward to sharing more of our stories with you.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and supporting us on our journey.  Head over to our blog, youngpeopleinsight.com to have a closer look at some of our work so far.


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