We've passed the halfway mark!

May 2017


Hi all!

So we've passed the halfway point, and there is just over two weeks left of the crowdfunding campaign left! We cannot believe how quickly the time has gone, but we are doing so well and have raised £1,105! We've had unbelievable support from our friends and family and we are very grateful! So as we going into the final two weeks, we ask that you continue to share our campaign, tell a new person about why you donated to our project, and help us can reach more people and achieve our target of £1,500. 

Last week we did a LIVE crowdfunding event, which was scary but also really fun! We pitched to over 100 people about our project and why we needed them to donate to our campaign. The event was the Business Launchpad Awards, whcih was a great evening and was very inspiring hearing about the great things that other organisations were doing and seeing their achievements being recognised. A big well done to all the winners!

Thank again for all the support, remember only 2 WEEKS TO GO! 

Helena & Daniel



Crowdfunding project

Prevent Drug and Alcohol Use in 5 Schools Through Performing Arts Workshops

Our project provides 5 schools in Ealing a space for young people to learn about the issues that drug and alcohol use presents using performance arts

Funding successful

£1,525 raised