Over 40%

May 2017


Good afternoon beautiful people,

We are now over 40%!!

Thank you all so much for making a pledge and sharing the campaign so far.  The support you've shown for my platform has meant the world to me, as this is my baby and I believe it can genuinely make a difference in the lives of young people.

With just 13 days to go, I have written a special post on the YP Insight blog, which I would love for you to read and of course please share, share, share.  I cannot reach my target without you: http://bit.ly/2pCZNHf

As a special thank you, here is a video of me performing at our 'Love & Hate' edition of Poetic Insight.  I hope you enjoy it.


Crowdfunding project

Empower Youth Voices

Young People Insight is a youth-led platform in Croydon that empowers the voices of youth through the arts, writing and events.

Funding successful

£2,199 raised