We've Made Half!

May 2017


Hello everyone,

The total is now over 50% and I am so excited!  

I've wanted it to be at the halfway mark for a little while, so I'm very glad that it's there now.  All there is to do in the next nine days is reach the target and then I'll be super excited.

Please continue to share the campaign with all those in your network and if you can, convince at least one person to pledge £3 to help empower young voices in Croydon.  Every little bit helps and I am going to need the continued help from all of you in the days to come.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Crowdfunding project

Empower Youth Voices

Young People Insight is a youth-led platform in Croydon that empowers the voices of youth through the arts, writing and events.

Funding successful

£2,199 raised