May 2017


Hi all!

Today we have just 7 days left of our crowdfunding campaign! In the last week we are incredibly grateful that our crowdfunding campaign has been featured by Tilt Magazine and UKFundraising! We are so close to hitting out target, and have raised £1,205. 

Over the past year, we have worked tirelessly on building an organisation that addresses some of the most pressing issues young people face today. 

By using drama techniques, such as improvisation, hot-seating, story-telling, image theatre, thought tracking, embodiment and empathy exercises, we want to tackle the many issues that that drugs and alcohol can present.

We cannot express our gratitude in writing for your support. But, with just one week to go, we need to raise a further £295 to turn our project into reality.

We are once again turning to you for your amazing support. If you could take just a few moments to tweet about us here or send this email to any of your contacts who might be interested in this project, we would be hugely grateful.  Lastly, if you would like to fund us with an additional £10 please click here.

We cannot thank you enough and want you to know that none of this will be possible without your support.

Thank you,

Helena & Daniel 



Crowdfunding project

Prevent Drug and Alcohol Use in 5 Schools Through Performing Arts Workshops

Our project provides 5 schools in Ealing a space for young people to learn about the issues that drug and alcohol use presents using performance arts

Funding successful

£1,525 raised