Thank You

May 2017


Happy Friday everyone!

As you know, the campaign came to an end at midnight on Wednesday, and although the green bar was not full, I actually exceeded my target thanks to a number of offline pledges.

I want to thank you all so much for your support throughout the 35 days - thank you for pledging, sharing the word, offering encouragement and everything else.  It genuinely means a lot and as I've said before, I could not have done it without you.

Your rewards will be coming over the course of the next few months, so I hope you're excited for those.  Also, keep looking out for more great things coming up for Young People Insight over the course of the year and please come down to one of our events if you can, I would love to have you there.

Have a good weekend and thank you again.

Crowdfunding project

Empower Youth Voices

Young People Insight is a youth-led platform in Croydon that empowers the voices of youth through the arts, writing and events.

Funding successful

£2,199 raised