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May 2017


Hi everyone,

I am so pleased to be able to share some news which you may have already seen on social media or the news. This week we launched two new contactless donation points in Broadmead, marking a new approach to supporting homeless people in Bristol. The project has been possible with thanks to the Broadmead Business Improvement District (BID) who are supporting SOS Bristol by donating the use of these podiums for the campaign.

You will now be able to ‘touch’ your bank card to give £2 direct to the #SOSBristol fundraising campaign. There is nothing else (that we are aware of) like this in Bristol. This will make donating easier for everyone who may not carry small change but who feel compelled to take action to support people they see rough sleeping. It is simple, immediate and will directly pay for bed spaces across Bristol’s homeless night shelters.

We hope that you think they are a good idea. Please do us a favour and visit St Mungo’s Facebook page to share the information that is available on this with your friends. This is a new and innovative way to support the campaign and we are so pleased to offer it as another way to directly help homeless people be safer off the streets.

You are a fantastic city Bristol!

With thanks

SOS Bristol

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