The End of the Campaign

June 2017


Dear All,

Thank you so much for all your wonderful contributions to Don's campaign.  It has enabled us to do far more social media advertising than we would otherwise have had the chance to do as well as putting the advert for Don in the North Somerset Times, buying a Vote Don Davies banner, printing leaflets, laminating placards and posters and a myriad of other work on Don's behalf.

Don has asked me to add his thanks to this note and say that he has been touched by the level of support and offers of help he has had over the past seven weeks.

With very best wishes,

Don Davies Campaign Team

Crowdfunding project

Don Davies Independent Parliamentary Candidate for North Somerset on June 8th

Don Davies is the only Candidate who can genuinely represent the people of North Somerset without being forced to obey the party whips in parliament

Funding successful

£880 raised