A Big Thank You! 10 Days in &only £600 to go! next the 'Hamilton House' Cocktail!

September 2017


You Guys!

Between the amazing designs, your active and kind support and the general love of Hamilton House, we are tearing through this crowdfunder!

We're 10 Days into the project and we're 80% of the way to our target!

Thank You All!

Thanks to the message a getting out, more support is coming in everyday. An animator has been in contact to do a short infographic, a performer has jumped on board to do the voice-over and we've had writers write press releases and online content. You wonderful people.

Also one of the buildings kindly neighbours are bringing their creative skills to the cause. MeatLiquor on Stokes Croft are doing a limited gin based cocktail called the 'Hamilton House' for Bristol cocktail week. This delicious drink is gonna be served with a little orange beacon of hope (AKA a #savehamiltonhouse badge) and for every cocktail served, 50p will get donated to the campaign.

We'll be getting a cocktail for two out through the crowdfunder over the weekend so keep you eyes peeled.

Have a fantastic weekend, don't forget to write a post, tweet your little hearts out, get the petition and the crowdfunder out into the world, who know's who me might find who could help us #savehamiltonhouse. 





Crowdfunding project

#SaveHamiltonHouse: Saving the House One T-Shirt at a Time!

Weʼre raising £3000 to encourage, collate & broadcast the creative actions in support of Hamilton House & the protection of its communities.

Funding successful

£4,614 raised