The Jump Update... We are Back!

August 2018


Hello my friend! 

Sorry for being so absent this last months regarding the updates to our project "The Jump" (El Gran Salto) around here. I got news... We are back!!

Two years after completing production, we are glad to announce that we are starting postproduction as I write to you guys. Fortunately we were granted the Mexican tax credit stimuli EFICINE, with with we will be able to complete the film!

Right now I'm in Monterrey Mexico having a couple of meetings with our music composer Bernardo Flores while still working with our editor Aldo Osorio to get our best final edited cut for the documentary. 

 Thanks so much for all the love and support you gave us two years ago when we launched our fund surfing campaign. I´ll never forget that because of you this documentary will be available to everyone very soon. Back on track I promise I´ll make my best to keep you up to date with all news regarding post-production. We are aiming to have the completed film by January to start a good festival run.


Jorge Porras / Director 




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El Gran Salto (The Jump)

Four brothers, one family and their pursuit of Olympic glory.

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