You have helped us raise £6000 in 5 Days!! Thank you!!

March 2019


We have been in contact with the Mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango throughout the last few days he is working hard on the ground in Beira and feedback to us on the situation. Also we have been in contact with the lead of our parter organisation in Beira, ADEL and we are finding out the needs of the areas .

With both of them as well as with people across both cities we are working on a strategy to help the city directly with money we raise. Also we will be visiting Beira to access the damage and work with key stakeholders to work on a long term plan for the city. 

However we need to keep raising money to support the long term development of the city of Beira. Please help in any way you can, especially keep sharing our link and news. We will make further updates as news comes in. 

Also we promise to send impact reports on our projects to donors so you can know where the money is being spend. 

Thank you once again. 

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Beira, Mozambique was directly hit by Cyclone Idai caused 90% destruction to the city. The appeal is to help rebuild the city sustainably and directly.


Crowdfunding project

Beira Cyclone Crisis and Sustainability Campaign

Beira, Mozambique was hit by cylones in 2019 and 2021, causing massive destruction to the city. Help Beira repair Matacuane Primary School.

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