Beira Cyclone Crisis and Sustainability Campaign

Beira, Mozambique was directly hit by Cyclone Idai causing massive destruction to the city. Help us to rebuild the city sustainably.

Our Intervention 

Since the deverstating cyclone on the 14th March 2019 that hit Beira we have donated 2000 Water prufication kits to 2000 families. 

Also we have conducted major Impact Assessments in communities we have worked with for many years in Beira through our Lead Consultant and partners in Beira, ADEL Sofala. We have also build new professional partners to help bring additional skills and support to our work in Beira, namely Team Rubicon UK. 

The outcome of these reports have led to us becoming involved in the Schools Rebuilding Programme led by the UN Education Cluster in Beira. Last two months we have had experts conduct three engineering reports and help us create plans to rebuild schools. We have now got the permits from Beria Authorities and the UN to rebuild Matacuane Primary School fully, which educated 3,500 children. This will cost £45,000 in total. We have raised £30,000 thank to the support through this campaign and a generous grant.  We will be starting the school rebuilding on the 19th August. 

This means we have a shortage of £15,000 can you help?? 

Thank you to all that have supported to date you have made a massive difference to a lot of peoples lives already 

Please see the updates for more info. 

What has happened? 

In March 2019 the port city of Beira in Mozambique was directly hit by Cyclone Idai, and caused widespread destruction.

Bristol Link with Beira is raising funds to help support the crisis and the rebuilding of the city.

We know so far that 90% of the city has been destroyed and reported that 1000 suspected dead in the city. We are trying to get up to date information from our partners on the ground. 500,000 people have been affected in the city alone. 

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world and people there are desperate to make things better, which is why something like this is such a devastating effect on the people of Beira.    


Who are we?

Bristol Link to Beira is a charity supporting the City for 30 years through Bristol's Special relationship as a Twin City.

How we going to help. 

We are building a sustainability and rebuilding strategy that is informed by our development partners in Beira and by the necessary experts we are bringing in. We will get it backed by both Cities. Also we will be traveling their to assist with the aftermath and assess exactly how we going to help re build Beira as a city. 

We have been supporting the city for 30 years we will be working with the city for another 30 and beyond. This is not a short term appeal but long term!

How you can help

We are fundraising £25,000 so please donate if you can and share the project page with friends and family. 

Also any experts in industries that can help including , as well as anyone who wants to volunteer to fundraise for us and support our appeal. 

Appeal has got backing from the Mayor of Bristol and from BBC Bristol Radio as well as so many people who have. Thank you so far!

Thanks for your support. 

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We need donations to help supply short and long term support to the City through our long-standing partners in Beira. Examples of what we may need, Temporary Shelter construction, Rebuilding of vital infrastructure such as schools, Aid boxes.

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