Thank you for all the Support.

March 2019


We have been working hard with our local partners on the ground in Beira, ADEL all week.

We have committed this morning to an initial strategy of helping supply resources through our appeal to Public Health and Education. Including water purification kits and materials to rebuild our parter schools.

All our money well go directly to Beira through our partner ADEL and through pre approved joint budgets. We also got confirmation that ADEL have got a partnership with an International Agency to help with short term food and water relief which wasn't getting to them. We are also helping to make sure that relief resources get to the communities we work with. 

 Please keep supporting our campaign so we can keep supporting the communities in Beira. We are 

Crowdfunding project

Beira Cyclone Crisis and Sustainability Campaign

Beira, Mozambique was hit by cylones in 2019 and 2021, causing massive destruction to the city. Help Beira repair Matacuane Primary School.

Funding successful

£12,797 raised